The Periwinkle Puss is the principled purveyor of justice in his metropolis. With powerful pride he protects the poor and downtrodden from the parade of criminals that attempt to paint his city with their deeds of paltry nefariousness! Join him, dear reader, as he propels himself into the jaws of lawlessness with nothing to protect himself but his clenched paws and his passion for penalizing those who would do harm to others! Will the Periwinkle Puss’s quest to keep his city pure succeed? Find out here in the pages of!

Feistypaw is the fearless and furious female fighting partner of The Periwinkle Puss! Feistypaw faces the frightening facade of criminals on the streets of their city with a firm fortitude that forces the criminals before her to flee their fiendish enterprises! The foul foes she fights in her battle for fairness know her as a fierce opponent who is a friend to all who would stand for rightfulness! Can Fesitypaw and The Periwinkle Puss keep the city from falling into the paws of nefarious evil doers? Find out here in the pages of!

About the author:

Discovered as a babe in an abandoned comic book storage box and bitten by a radioactive comic fan when he was a teenager, Kristian Horn is a Podcaster, Photo Retoucher, Cartoonist, Designer, and Fanboy.  Kristian is the sole voice behind the Periwinkle Puss and has written, illustrated, colored, designed and lettered the whole thing by himself.


Kristian runs a podcast called Part-Time Fanboy (not necessarily for kids) in his "spare time" and works as an Online Media Producer for a large multi-media/retail company which he won’t name here. He has been a contributing writer and interviewer for the Ain’t It Cool News comic book section and helped co-create the concept for the comic Baby Bad*** (definitely not for kids). He lives lives in Los Angeles, California with his wonderfully tolerant wife and daughter.


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All content is © and ™ Kristian Horn. None of the content on may be used without the express written permission of Kristian Horn unless it is to be used for review or scholarly discussion. The Periwinkle Puss and all other characters appearing in or on are purely fictional and any similarity to individuals living or dead is purely coincidental. But if you do happen to come across a talking cat in a superhero costume that fights crime in real life please send him my way because I'd LOVE to see that!